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March 2008
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Easter Rosies and Banding
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Waving Flag-- Rosies have returnedUpdate on the Rosy-Finches of Sandia Crest, New Mexico.  The flag is waving– smaller flocks of  Rosy-Finches are still visiting the feeders at Sandia Crest House. Feeders to remain up until the end of March if bears don’t start appearing.

Banding on Easter Morning– YES

This evening we heard from Steve and Nancy Cox. The final banding session will be conducted at Sandia Crest House, beginning at 9:30 AM.

They wrote that they had just received  a report from Steve Fettig, a member of their banding crew:

“His friend was up at the Crest House on March 20 and saw all 3 species of Rosy-Finches.  They were present the whole hour that she was up there even though it was windy.  She saw approximately 20 birds - no large flocks.

“We decided that we will see what we can capture.  We may shut down earlier than normal (normal is 2 p.m.) depending on how it goes.  This really will be our last day until next winter.”

Key West Radar Migration Report

Key West March 21

Only a small number of migrants were visible outbound from Cuba as of 10:30 PM this evening. There were scattered rain showers moving erratically across the Straits, and the few flocks were moving relentlessly due north, quite independent of the weather track. If anything significant shows up in the archived loops I will post a link tomorrow. Interestingly, despite all the northbound birds revealed by radar the past few days, there was not an appreciable increase in the number of passerine migrants reported in South Florida. It may be that the birds overflew much of Florida because of the favorable southerly winds.

The big news has been the Loggerhead Kingbird that was reported yesterday on Garden Key in the Dry Tortugas was still there today. This is the second of this species to be recorded in Florida since one showed up in Key West just one year ago. We had prior plans to visit the Keys and arrived on March 25th. It had been seen about an hour before we got there that afternoon, and we looked for the bird for a couple of hours, to no avail. That bird was never seen again!

Upcoming Events in New Mexico

April 11-13, 7th ANNUAL PRAIRIE CHICKEN FESTIVAL in Milnesand, NM.

Information available at 

The contact
person is Tish McDaniel (505-762-6997), 

The number of participants is limited to 100 people.

May through October,

in the Sandia
Mountains, sponsored by the
U.S. Forest Service and Central New Mexico

Birders meet at 8:00 a.m. (8:30 in May and October)

at the
Sandia Ranger Station, 1176 Highway 337, in Tijeras.

Thursday Birder
and Central NM Audubon Field Trips

Sandia Crest House Sighting Logs (199 - 2008) Table and Spreadsheet of all Banding Results

CORRESPONDENCE: Narrative Banding
and Sighting Reports

ID Tips: the Four Rosy-Finch Races at Sandia Crest

Check Weather, Webcams and Road Conditions Rosy-finch and Nature Center Banding Schedule

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