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April 2009
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Hope and Justice reunited on nest
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Posted by: Ken @ 7:13 am

Lou Greenwell’s YouTube video of Justice leaving the nest and falling has become very popular. The anxiety felt by the eaglet is almost palpable, as his instinctive urge to fly free conflicts with his natural fear of the unknown.

Hope and Justice: together again:

Two Chicks 3-20090408

Hope was joined on the nest yesterday by her younger nest-mate. Hope had fledged on April 4, and Justice tested his wings two days later. Both appeared to fall to the ground and there were fears they may had been injured. In both cases, Florida Fish & Wildlife agents promptly conducted searches of the nest area, but failed to find them.

The parents kept bringing food to the nest, instinctively luring the chicks back.

Driven by hunger, Hope returned to the nest site after 36 hours and was on the nest April 6. That same morning, Justice went missing, but suddenly flew into the nest tree yesterday, April 8, and later in the day joined his big sister on the nest.

This morning, Steve, a regular nest watcher, saw one of the eaglets (which one, we do not yet know) flying east along Pines Boulevard.  It roosted briefly on a light pole, then flew out of sight behind the trees.

The eaglets are sure to provide us with some anxious moments as they learn to negotiate power lines and dodge the traffic. Let’s hope they soon get their “pilot’s licenses.”

Both parents roosted nearby after Justice joined Hope:

Two Adults Takeoff 20090408

One of the adults takes flight:

Adult Takeoff 20090408

This flock of White Ibises (aka “eagle food”) flew over the nest yesterday:

White Ibis Vee 20090408

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