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April 2009
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You know it’s a slow birding day when…
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Posted by: Ken @ 10:40 am

Anywhere  I have lived, there seem to be two lulls in the birding year. One is after nesting season, when the songbirds molt and tend to hide away, before the excitement of fall migration. The other happens around the official beginning of spring. Some of the winter visitors have departed, yet their places have not been filled by new arrivals.

This morning was a good illustration. As I walked our local patch, it was nice to hear the cardinals and yellowthroats singing. A few Palm Warblers lingered, most of them of the brighter eastern subspecies.

You know that birding has slowed down …

…when you notice that a Northern Cardinal is so bright and beautiful:

Northern Cardinal 2-20090402

…when a “Yellow” Palm Warbler provides a pleasant break from the duller ones that you took for granted all winter:

Palm Warbler Bright 3-20090402

…when this Great Egret, so commonplace, is a welcome subject in graceful flight:

Great Egret 3-20090402

…when photographing a pair of Mottled Ducks, you do not even see the Killdeer in front of them:

Mottled Ducks Killdeer 20090401

…when you take time to notice how small the Snowy Egret really is, as it “spoils” your shot of its Great cousin:

Egrets 20090330

…when you find new appreciation for the iridescence of a Boat-tailed Grackle:

Boat-tailed Grackle 20090326

…when furry things distract you from the feathery:

Deer 20090330

…when, suddenly, slithery things, like this Brown Anole, become fascinating:

Brown Anole 20090402

…when you start to notice how many butterflies are around, like this Gulf Fritillary:

Gulf Fritillary 20090402

…when you realize that even this Halloween Pennant dragonfly has an interesting face:

Halloween Pennant Face 20090326

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