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December 2008
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Thanksgiving Weekend Palette
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Posted by: Ken @ 9:01 am

Friends, family and food occupied much of our time this long weekend. I did get out, briefly, to our local patch of recovering Everglades and was able to capture a couple of studies in black, gray and white.

I also worked on a Web page that will track the nesting of the local pair of Bald Eagles. There is concern that the birds have chosen a nest site very near a major thoroughfare in an area very close to dense housing developments. A local Middle School science class has taken on a project to study the effects of traffic density on the eagles’ behavior, and I hope that this page may serve as a resource for them.

This Loggerhead Shrike posed perfectly for my long lens:

Loggerhead Shrike 20081126

And I captured this Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at just the right moment as it hover-gleaned atop a small pond cypress tree:

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Polioptila_caerulea)

To complete a trio of “Shades of Gray,” I must encore this mockingbird photo taken a month ago at almost the same location as the shrike:

Northern Mockingbird 2008_10_31

A two-toned Anhinga soared overhead in lazy circles (click image for more views):

Anhinga 20081126

Adding a bit of color (three, actually), this Tricolored Heron eyed me warily before taking  flight (click on image for more views):

Tricolored Heron 20081126

For a touch of gold, we visited our local Bald Eagle nest. Again, I missed catching one on the nest by a minute or so, but the other member of the pair was standing guard in a nearby Australian Pine:


Close-up of Bald Eagle’s head:

Bald Eagle Head 20081129

This Killdeer, at Chapel Trail Nature Center,  added a bit more color:

Killdeer 20081129

With our non-birding guests, we visited Butterfly World, in Coral Springs. It is quite a remarkable place, featuring not only butterflies from around the world, but also live demonstrations of their life cycles, and aviaries with exotic birds.

Green Violetear (yes,that is the new spelling) at Butterfly World:

Exotic Green Violetear

Conure “true love”:

True Love

An outrageously colorful finch at Butterfly World:

Finch Closeup

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