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May 2024
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Appetites of Anhingas
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Posted by: Ken @ 12:45 pm

Anhingas are spear fishers. This calls for skilled swordsmanship because both mandibles are usually driven clear through the prey. The fish must first be weakened or killed, then flipped into the air and caught in its jaws so that it can be be swallowed head first. 

Photographed from a distance in the wetlands adjacent to our south Florida home, this Anhinga has captured a good-sized Red-eared Sunfish. Can she swallow it?

Anhinga with sunfish 01-20120808

Full screen Vimeo slideshow of Anhinga: Never eat anything bigger than your head

If video does not display, see it here at Anhinga with big fish: Never eat
anything bigger than your head
from Ken Schneider on Vimeo.

Anhinga with trophy 20110220

Another Vimeo slide show, this one of an Anhinga also
eating a large Red-eared Sunfish at Green Cay wetlands. This fish got
away but was quickly recaptured.

If video does not display, see it here at Anhinga at Green Cay from Ken Schneider on Vimeo.

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This is my photo submission to the weekly Bird D’pot (Bird Digital Photography) meme at  I’D-Rather-B-Birdin’.

6 Responses to “Appetites of Anhingas”

  1. Hanne Bente Says:
    WAU - amazing pictures you have taken. Wishing you a good Sunday evening :) Hanne Bente
  2. Boom & Gary Says:
    Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
  3. Judi @ The Coal Miner and Me Says:
    Your photos are great. I can’t wait to show my dh. Great quality and superb content!
  4. Pat Says:
    What wonderful sequences!
  5. Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin Says:
    Oh my gosh golly gee!!! Stupendous captures Ken. I have yet to find one in ‘the wild’ of this species since my birding obsession is kind of new. But, I’m hoping to see one in all its glory. I learned a great deal from your narrative…about what and how they deal with the meal after it’s been caught. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the positive feedback you left for me in your comment…also, thanks for linking up with the Bird D’Pot. Have a great week ahead.
  6. Ken Says:
    Thanks all, for your kind comments!

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