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March 2024
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No Parking in Front of Eagle Nest
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Posted by: Ken @ 2:19 pm

Adult Head Detail 20090312

The Florida Department of Transportation put these signs up yesterday, prohibiting parking on the entire south side of the block in front of the eagle nest. At this point, observers are still permitted, and signs ask folks not to approach any closer to the nest.

No Parking Sign 20090312

Visitors can either park on the south side of Pines Boulevard, east of 208th Avenue or west of 209th. Alternatively, there is parking on the shoulder of the north side of Pines Boulevard, across the street from the nest. Please do not park on the pavement or in the turning lanes. Never stop in the traffic lanes. There have been several near rear-end collisions, as traffic commonly speeds by at 40-50 MPH.  Use caution in crossing the street and control children.

The signs face out towards the street, so many people do not even notice them. To avoid confusion, we suggest that additional signs should be placed, to face the oncoming traffic.

The eagle’s fierce expression (detailed above) is due to the prominent supra-orbital ridges, bony prominences over the eyes, that act like visors to shade the sun:

Adult Roosting 20090312

This morning, we arrived at the nest site around 9:15 AM. Both adults were roosting in nearby trees. The chicks were busy tearing at a prey item that was rather large and brown, and appeared to be a mammal (possibly a Swamp Rabbit):


One adult flew to the top of a nearby Australian Pine and tore off some branches:

Adult Roosting 20090312

It then flew to the nest and arranged them, presumably to freshen up the lining (the avian equivalent of “seeping the dust under the rug”):

Adult And Chick 20090312

A pair of Red-bellied Woodpeckers foraged on the dead melaluca trees that are also favored roosting spots for the adult eagles:

Red-bellied Woodpecker 20090312

Back home, a Double-crested Cormorant fished just off our back patio:

Double-crested Cormorant 20090312

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  1. Carolyn Johnson Says:
    Thank you so much for sharing these glorious pictures of our local bald eagle family. My camera can not do justice to them. I’m so glad that they are being properly tended to in regard to their safety and privacy. Sincerely, Carolyn Johnson, Hollywood, FL

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