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August 2022
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Both Eagle Chicks Faring Well
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Posted by: Ken @ 10:17 pm

This afternoon, one of the adults carried in a White Ibis and simply threw it into the nest with the two chicks. It watched for a while, then set out tearing at the flesh and feeding the young. Note white feathers from the ibis stuck on the adult’s face. The younger and smaller eaglet is on the right. It appeared quite vigorous. (Click on photos to choose larger views).

Adult With Two Chicks 20090302

While the adult was still feeding the eaglets, the second adult flew in with a large fish. It appeared a bit hostile at first, as if wanting the job to itself. Then both adults resumed feeding the chicks.

Second Adult Arrives With Prey 20090302

One adult is seen offering the eaglets some meat from the ibis:

Adult Offers Meat 0090302

The adults finally flew off, one to roost to the west in the melaleuca stubs. This one flew to one of the favored perches right along the road to clean its bill.

Adult Cleaning Bill 20090302

It had white feathers from the ibis stuck to its plumage, and flesh and feathers on its toes.

Eagle Roosting With Bloody Feet 20090302

The chicks were quite active. Here, the larger one exercises its wings:

Eaglet Flapping 20090302

The afternoon light was harsh, but did not detract from the beauty of this adult:

Eagle Head 20090302

This morning, Jill, one of the regular nest watchers, reported:

“I was there at 7 this morning.  My neighbor was interested and went with me.  Nobody else was there and I could not see any movement in or around the nest.  One lady came by for about 10 minutes.  I think it may have been Kelly.  At about 7:25 a parent arrived at the nest and fed the eaglets.  After about 20 minutes,the babies were not visible and both parents were perched on the tops of separate melaluca trees.  I watched them for a while and then one flew across Pines and landed on the ground very close to the road. I couldn’t see what it was doing, but seconds later it flew to the nest carrying something.”

There were two dead Opossums on the road the day before yesterday. Maybe another one bit the dust. Roadkill is especially attractive to young eagles. Lacking skills of the adults, they are more at risk of being hit by a car.

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