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May 2024
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Posted by: Ken @ 9:27 am

I’ve waited way too long! Why am I starting a Blog now, in my eighth decade of life? Eighth Decade! That sounds impressive, just as “Twenty-first Century” did when we all entered it, even though it was only January 1, 2000, or was it 2001?

How do you set out to describe the high points of your life? Do you start with the fun, the exciting, the dangerous stuff? Was there anything unusual or interesting enough to even talk about? Does anyone else care anyway? Until a couple of years ago, Blog was not a word. I tried to pick a title to pique the readers’ curiosity and anticipation of great things to come.

Why do this? There is a simple answer, the same one given by the guy who confessed to a priest that he had had sex 5 times a day for 7 days in a row. The priest asked if he knew the woman, and he said, “Yes, it was my wife,” causing the priest to exclaim, “That’s not a sin, why are you telling me?” The guy said “I had to tell someone!”

Well, it would have been easier of I had kept a journal and then torn out the pages and pages of humdrum days and the bad memories before ever letting anyone see them. I did not do that, so now the memories cascade, they fragment and are stirred around as if in a bowl of chowder. The dates are fuzzy, as are the locations, names and faces. Things I thought I would never forget are lost as in a paper shredder. It can’t be early dementia, not after all these years!

One way to start the process might be to dig back into the remote recesses of my mind. What were my earliest recollections? 

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