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August 2022
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Rosy Finches: March 19 Update
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Posted by: Ken @ 12:36 pm

Waving Flag-- Rosies have returnedUpdate on the Rosy-Finches of Sandia Crest, New  Mexico. The flag is
waving–  flocks of up to 150 Rosy-Finches are still visiting the feeders
at Sandia Crest House. Feeders to remain up.

Morning Report from the Crest

Fran Lusso and Dave Weaver, Coordinators of the Rosy-Finch feeding
project, reported this morning that they had just returned from
visiting Crest House. They said it was sunny and the temperature was in
the 20’s and the road was clear all the way to the top.

“Although the banding was sparse this past Sunday, the Crest House staff saw a flock of about 150 yesterday so we think there are still numbers of birds up there.  We didn’t see any this morning but we were only there a short time. Last year the last recorded sighting was 3/25 so we expect the leave the feeders up for at least a couple more weeks.”

Eagle Returns

Back here in Florida, the Bald Eagle that we had not seen since since mid-January flew over our lake yesterday morning carrying some type of smaller prey. It was heading in the direction of the location where Bald Eagles had been seen carrying nesting materials in December. Perhaps they did nest and this one was bringing food either to its mate or nestlings. I photographed the one here as it flew low over our patio just before Christmas, 2007.

More Fun Than Watching Grass Grow

We are into our third generation of pineapples, counting the one we bought at the supermarket and ate, shortly after moving to Florida in 2004. We saved the top, planted it, and two years later had another pineapple plus two “pup” plants. The top of the second pineaple produced this “grandchild.” One of the pups is also growing a pineapple, but we don’t know whether to call it the child or another grandchild of the original one. We’ll have to ponder that before putting her in the family album.

Pineapple 1 March 4, 2008

Pineapple 1 March 17, 2008


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