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August 2022
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Tibetan Mastiff Puppy
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Posted by: Ken @ 10:33 am

This is the hopeful beginning of a happy sequel to the story of Maceo, the big Doby/Lab mix whose loss was felt so deeply by our two Illinois granddaughters. Now they have a new family member, one of a rare breed, a Tibetan Mastiff named Agramonte (officially, Washani’s Calixto Garcia y Agramonte). Students of history (and Googlers) will detect a trend in the names of the family dogs– Maximo, Maceo, and now Agramonte.

His great-grandfather (Tatarabuelo) Ch Timberline Barni Drakyias, was best of breed at Westminster this year:

This breed can grow very big, up to 200 pounds. Agramonte, now only three months old, is quite an armful already. Tibetan Mastiffs are considered a primitive breed, coming into heat only once a year as is the case of many wild canids. They are known for their independent spirit and must be fully socialized, as they have strong territorial and protective tendencies, ingrained over many centuries as a result of their role as guardian of housholds and livestock.

Their inner coat sheds once a year, growing back to provide dense insulation against the cold of winter.

Agramonte is very happy playing in the snow.

5 Responses to “Tibetan Mastiff Puppy”

  1. Chris Papa Says:
    Such beautiful dogs! Make my 98 lb Doberman look like a miniature.
  2. Annette Woodcock Says:
    Cute, cute, cute. Can’t wait to give him a big hug! He’s like a real live teddybear!
  3. Arlene Kitchin-Martin Says:
    You are amazing with your big dogs. This one is indeed a cutie, as are your beautiful granddaughters. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. Helen Fair Galey Says:
    I am looking for a TM puppy. Do you have any available? I live in N.H. on 100 acres in the woods. Fair
  5. Laura-Lise Says:
    OMGosh he is gorgeous!!! And I am sure he will be such a big, loveable buddy for them :)

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