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January 2009
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Another Bobcat!
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Posted by: Ken @ 2:36 pm

This Green Heron was hunting anoles on our patio just as it was getting dark:

Greenie1 on Patio

It was quite displeased with me, and tried to scare me away by puffing up its feathers:

Greenie3 on Patio

This morning, we had chores to do, and I did not start my visit to our local birding “patch” until about 10:00 AM. It was not very birdy, but just about 200 yards into the 2-track utility path along the 198th Avenue Canal, I looked back and saw what looked like a scrawny little feral house cat. Only two days ago I had seen a much larger cat, about a half mile from that spot, and it turned out to be a Bobcat.

Looking through my 10x binoculars, I could hardly make out any details, but I took three photos anyway. About 5 minutes later, the cat crossed the the road, a bit nearer. I did not bother to use the binoculars, but quickly took one more photo before it disappeared. Only after looking at the fourth photo at home did I identify it as another Bobcat.

This Bobcat was less than half as tall as the one I saw only two days earlier, but I got a much better photo:

Bobcat 20090102

This year I saw the first alligators there after four years of exploring, and the Cottonmouths and herons appear to be well-fed. It is encouraging to see that this small area of restored Everglades is supporting life all the way up the food chain.  

A Common Ground-Dove, usually very shy, finally gave me a decent shot:

Common Ground-Dove 20090102

In this blow-up, note the rather prominent eye-ring on this individual, something I had not noticed before, and the field guides do not emphasize:

Common Ground-Dove Close-up 20090102

Butterflies were numerous. This is a Julia Heliconian:

Julia 20090102

A Gulf Fritillary:

Gulf Fritillary 20090102