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November 2008
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Rosy-Finches Have Arrived!
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Posted by: Ken @ 1:55 pm

NM State Flag WavingThe flag is waving! Today we received the first report of rosy-finch sightings at Sandia Crest!  Bob and Ima Hafernik of San Antonio, TX, called to say that they had confirmed sightings at the Crest House deck feeder of 6 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches this morning from about 10AM til a bit before noon.  

Dave Weaver and Fran Lusso, coordinators of the feeding project, are visiting the Crest House this afternoon and will provide a follow-up report. Dave said that as far as he now knows, theirs is the first sighting for this season, although Lisa at the lunch counter told them she may have seen “one or two” yesterday. Thanks for the prompt report, Bob and Ima!! Later in the day, Dave reported:

I am just back from the Crest.  It is cold, windy and clear up there (16 degrees F with 20 - 30 mph wind).  Almost all of the small snowfall of Wednesday is gone.  In about 1 hour of watching I did see a flock of 10 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches, along with 2 Steller’s Jays, 1 WB Nuthatch, and 2 dark-eyed Juncos.  Did not see any Black or Brown-capped, so perhaps they are still on their way.

We plan to go back up to the Crest next week and will update the Log after that, I guess.  Hope all is well!


November 8, 2008: Today, both Gray-crowned (including one Hepburn’s) and Black Rosy-finches were visiting the feeders.

November 11, 2008: All three species, including Hepburn’s, were reported to be  present.

 See Correspondence link for details.

Once the birds are established at the feeders, we can expect Rio Grande Bird Research to publish a schedule for their Sunday morning banding operations. (Because of staffing limitations they will not band on Thanksgiving weekend). Check sightings and correspondence links for updated reports, and exploit other birding opportunities in the Albuquerque area. Plan to combine your visit with a stop at Bosque del Apache NWR, site of the Festival of the Cranes November 18-23.

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